Greetings from the Middle School

September 13, 2019

Dear Middle School Families, 
As you know, our class trips will depart next Wednesday morning. I know you will receive final directions and packing lists from the trip leaders, but I want to make sure that multi-grade families have at least the basics in one place.

5th: arrive 7:45; leave 8:00 AM
6th: arrive 6:30; leave 7:00 AM
7th: arrive 6:15; leave 6:30 AM
8th: arrive 5:45; leave 6:00 AM

Buses will park in the lot between Taws Hall and Bradshaw Hall, so please do not park there. Also, be mindful when packing that your children will need to carry everything they bring from the bus to the bed - so, pack lightly. Remember to mark their items with their names, so when we have 15 pink hoodies to return, we know which one belongs to your child.

Ward off starvation, 5th and 7th-grade parents, and remember to pack a lunch for that first day. All students should bring a reusable water bottle marked with their name.

Many of you have sent in medications and the appropriate form - thank you! Just to be 100% certain the trip leaders are prepared for any eventuality, if there is a medication that your child might need during the day, please be sure to let us know that so they are sure to have it on hand and not stowed with the morning-only or evening-only supplies. This would be for something like an allergy medication or something aside from the usual epi-pens and inhalers. Help us do our best for your (and your child's) ease of mind.

Our 5th graders will return on Thursday and will have a school day on Friday. We have some special activities planned for them that day, but I did want to make sure you knew they should come, whether they attended the trip or not.

We are monitoring the weather and the storms in the Atlantic. Hopefully, we will luck out as we did with the Block Party and have clear skies - keep your fingers crossed. If the weather brings rain, normal rain gear will protect the students; however, severe weather may require some changes to the plans. We will keep you posted on that.

Have a good week!
Theresa Jespersen 
Head of Middle School
Assistant Head of School
From Rebecca Mourouzis - Middle School Parent Liaison:

Thank you to everyone who has donated snacks for the class trips!

This is a reminder that we will be pre-packing snack bags for the kids and teachers. Be sure to get your donations to Jan by Monday. We will be packing up the bags on Tuesday morning.

 Items we have so far:
O/156 Bottled water
120/156 Rice Krispy treats
52/156 granola bars
70/156 bags of Skinny Pop popcorn
80/156 fruit snacks

We’ve also had some parents offer to add apples as a healthy option.

Please sign-up HERE so we know we're covered!


September 17 Snacks packaged for Class Trips
September 18-19 5th grade trip to Camp Chestnut Ridge
September 18-20 6th grade trip to Camp High Rocks
7th grade trip to Williamsburg, VA
8th grade trip to Washington, DC
September 30 - October 4 Fall Spirit Week
October 3 5:30 - 7:30 PM Parents Association Annual All-School Picnic
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