Katherine Kelly '10

Katherine Kelly ’10 has been a true resident of Tanzania since 2014 preceded by many trips to the country. She is the founding director of African Community Empowerment Co. TZ (ACEC.tz), a community empowerment and education-focused organization which will prepare the villagers of Mateves, Kisongo, Arusha for the development which will meet their area in three to five years’ time. Arusha is one of Tanzania's biggest tourist cities because of its prime location for Kilimanjaro and safari. With the growing tourist presence comes development and expansion of the city center. ACEC.tz's program will provide villagers on the outskirts of city center with ESL courses, sustainable and effective farming courses, budgeting and finance training, and health education.

Under ACEC.tz is Hill Crest Pre-Primary School, which Katherine led in the construction and is now directing, and Stepping Stone Pre-Primary School, the building project which she has been working on for the last two of her three years in Tanzania.

Katherine has a personal blog where she gives her story of how Tanzania became a focal point in her life. www.hillcrestlove.blogspot.com .
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