Favorite Food Abroad
Pizza & Italian Food
Favorite Hobby at Home
Reading & Sports 
Favorite Hobby Abroad
Reading & Sports - Soccer & Basketball
Languages Spoken

Emmanuel "Manny" Banigo

Manny is a member of the Class of 2018, and just completed his first full year at O’Neal after arriving here from Nigeria in late Spring of 2016. He is living with the Tozzi family in Sanford, driving back and forth each day with his American brother, Joseph, also of the Class of 2018. Manny is from Nigeria, where he played sports as a young boy, a passion that he has continued here on the soccer and basketball teams. Manny’s favorite ‘American’ food is pizza and he loves visiting various Italian restaurants with his host family. Manny’s native language is English, though it is somewhat different than the American English here.

Manny has truly enjoyed getting to know people since he arrived at The O’Neal School, citing the peace and love that has been offered to him by students and teachers alike. Manny’s most dear hobbies and goals are intertwined; he loves to read and play sports, and is at O’Neal to gain a better education and maybe to have a chance to play sports in college. He is working hard toward those goals!