Favorite Food at Home
Salad, Beef & Chicken
Favorite Food Abroad
Favorite Hobby at Home
Working Out & Playing Sports
Favorite Hobby Abroad
Working Out & Playing Sports
Favorite Place Visited
Everyplace with His Host Family
Languages Spoken
Mandarin & English

Fanqi "Turbo" Meng '19

Turbo is headed into his junior year at O’Neal in the fall, the Class of 2019. Turbo enjoys working out and playing sports, and he was a member of the O’Neal Track and Field team this past Spring. When asked what his favorite thing about O’Neal is, Turbo answered ‘everything….the sports, the classes, the friends.’ Turbo lives with Bob and Audrey Curlee and one of his favorite memories is going to meet their family over the Christmas holiday. He is looking forward to traveling a bit more over the summer break.

At home in China, Turbo’s favorite foods are salad, beef, and chicken. In the US, he is most fond of Subway. Turbo speaks Chinese and English, though is excited to improve and expand his English in his remaining two years as a student at O’Neal. He is also enthusiastic about getting more involved in the Upper School student organizations, and to being a part of ‘some impressive, good things!’