Favorite Food at Home
Spaghetti Bolognese
Favorite Food Abroad
Favorite Hobby at Home
Seeing New Things, Having New Experiences & Sports
Favorite Hobby Abroad
Seeing New Things, Having New Experiences & Sports - Soccer, Baskeball & Tennis
Favorite Place Visited
Washington, D.C.
Languages Spoken
German, English & French

Robert Kroeger

Robert, a junior from Stuttgart, Germany, is at The O’Neal School for only one year. He is living with a current O’Neal grandparent, Claudia Grimm, and her German Shepherd. Robert is fluent in German, English, and French, and is looking forward to continuing and improving his English. His favorite things about O’Neal so far are how everyone knows everyone, how nice the students and teachers are, and the interesting classes that he is taking.

Robert is an athlete, and has enjoyed playing on soccer and basketball teams at O’Neal. He will also play tennis in the spring. Along with the sports, he loves seeing new things and having new experiences, like his trip to Washington, D.C. While he misses his friends and the home cooked Spaghetti Bolognese from his native Germany, he is loving the American hamburgers and making lots of new friends every day!