Favorite Food at Home
His Mother's Pasta
Favorite Food Abroad
Fried Chicken
Favorite Hobby at Home
Favorite Hobby Abroad
Sports - Soccer & Tennis
Favorite Place Visited
St. Augustine, FL
Languages Spoken
German, English & Latin

Robert Lubbermeier

Robert is an exchange student from Germany who spent just his junior year here at O’Neal. Robert spent the first semester with the Druga family, getting to know John, Class of 2018, and Andrew, Class of 2022. The family took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, which Robert really enjoyed. Robert spent the second half of the year with the Henry family, Ellie ’18, Sam ’20, and Anna ’23. Robert plays sports as his primary hobbies, both in Germany and here. He played Varsity Soccer in the fall and Varsity Tennis in the spring.

Robert thoroughly enjoyed his year at O’Neal, improving his English and getting a true taste of all things American. Robert is fluent in German and English, and has also studied Latin for many years. One thing that Robert missed especially from home is his mother’s pasta. His favorite food here in America is fried chicken!!