Favorite Food at Home
Hot Pot
Favorite Food Abroad
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Pizza
Favorite Hobby at Home
Playing Piano
Favorite Hobby Abroad
Playing Piano, Track & Field, Volunteering
Favorite Place Visited
Festival of the Trees in Pinehurst
Languages Spoken
Mandarin, English & Korean

Jieying "Christina" Han '18

Christina just finished her junior year at O’Neal. A native of China, Christina is a member of the Class of 2018. Her host mother is Amy Butters. Christina loves to play the piano in her spare time. As part of the O’Neal community, she ran on the Track and Field team in the spring, and loves to volunteer wherever she is needed. What she enjoyed most about her first year at O’Neal is how nice the people are and how small the school is. Her favorite holiday outing with her host mom was visiting The Festival of Trees in Pinehurst.

Christina speaks Mandarin, English, and a little Korean. Her favorite food at home in China is Hot Pot, and her favorite American foods so far are grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza. She is looking forward to exploring the United States a bit more over the summer and to returning to O’Neal in the fall for her senior year.