Middle School Academic Enrichment Center

As students continue to grow as learners in the Middle School, our AEC team supports students who experience general academic difficulties due to challenges with work organization, time management, reading efficiency, problem-solving strategies, attention issues, and/or learning differences. Within the Middle School, the Academic Enrichment Center provides services and programs based on a student’s individual needs and age. These programs include AEC English and/or Math, and Academic Coaching.

Programs and Services Offered in the Middle School

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  • Academic Coaching

    An Overview:
    The Academic Coaching program is designed to assist students with their academic classes, study skills, organization, and overall time management. Students remain in their mainstream classes, but have an assigned block where they work with an academic coach (usually during a study hall). Academic Coaches serve as advocates for students by facilitating communication between student, parent, and teacher concerning everything from daily homework to strategies for improvement.
    Goals of the Academic Coaching Program:
    • Assist students who are having difficulty preparing and turning in assignments.
    • Facilitate the use of a daily planner and to reinforce the skills of daily planning and time management.
    • Aid in teaching students individualized study skills and test taking strategies in order for the student to become an independent learner.
    • Serve as an advocate for the student by maintaining communication with parents and classroom teachers.
    Students seeking to participate in the Academic Coaching program must hold a psycho-educational evaluation administered within the last three to five years. When new testing is received (or at the start of every school year), the AEC teacher completes a confidential accommodation form along with a plan of action for each student enrolled within the Academic Coaching program. The items on the accommodation form are based on accommodations that are noted in the psychological/educational evaluations of the student. After the accommodations form has been completed, parents will be asked to meet with the Academic Coaching teacher to review the accommodations form and plan of action for the new school year.

    Students seeking to participate in the Academic Coaching program without a psycho-educational evaluation on file may participate in a one year trail period when learning challenges arise that require more support than can be provided through the mainstream classroom setting. A team that includes the student’s teachers, parents, AEC teacher and the Middle School Director will evaluate a student’s need for more academic support prior to their addition into the Academic Coaching Program. However, to continue to receive help in a subsequent year, a student must undergo psycho-educational testing by a licensed psychologist.
  • AEC English and/or Math

    An Overview:
    The AEC teacher provides instruction in English and/ or Math at the time the student would normally have that instruction in the regular classroom. Meeting daily in individual or small groups, students in AEC English and/ or Math receive appropriate modifications to instruction and curriculum that are differentiated and multisensory, specifically designed to meet the student’s learning style, needs, and rate of learning. Through constant collaboration between AEC teachers and classroom teachers, students are prepared to transition back to the mainstream classes of the O’Neal Middle School in 7th grade.
    Goals of AEC English and/or Math:
    • Remediate and strengthen skills, enabling the student to transition back to the mainstream classroom in 7th grade.
    • Provide appropriate instruction to best meet the needs of the child’s diagnosed learning difference.
    • Strengthen basic skills in English and/or Math that are necessary for success throughout the child’s time at The O’Neal School.
    • Provide regular communications with the student’s parents/guardians.
    Students seeking to participate in the AEC English and/or Math must who hold a psycho-educational evaluation administered within the last three to five years. The AEC English and/or Math class is only available to O’Neal 6th graders, and serves as a transition back into the mainstream curriculum of The O’Neal School. Students enrolled in AEC English and/or Math program must have been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist as having a disability that adversely impacts the child’s educational performance, such as a specific learning difference and/or attention related disorders. Students must have a current (within the last three to five years) evaluation on file.

    There is an extra cost associated with this service. Parents will be billed at the start of each school year through the business office. For more information on cost, please contact Eddie Phillips in the business office.

Middle School Academic Accommodation Guidelines


While The O’Neal School does not modify its curriculum or methodology, any student with a documented learning disability that adversely impacts the child’s educational performance such as a specific learning difference and/or attention related disorders may receive the necessary and appropriate accommodations.

AEC and Accommodation Guidelines

Students seeking academic accommodations in the classroom and on standardized tests in grades 6-12 who hold a psycho-educational evaluation administered within the last three to five years, must meet the following requirements before any accommodations will be made:

  • Educational/psychological testing must be administered by an outside licensed source. See list of recommended testing services on page 15.
  • A copy of the current (within the last three-five years) testing/diagnosis including specific recommendations/accommodations must be provided to the school and be kept on file by the AEC Coordinator.
  • Students receiving extended time as recommended in their evaluation will receive 50% time extensions, per O’Neal policies.
Middle School parents should contact AEC Coordinator, Lulu Brase (mlbrase@onealschool.org) to provide documentation and to arrange a meeting to develop a learning profile for your child. We ask that any new or updated testing be provided to us as soon as possible, so we can keep your child’s accommodations up-to-date throughout the school year.

Students who seek academic accommodations in the classroom and in testing situation (O’Neal based only), but do not have psycho-educational testing on file, may request a trial period of one month. However, the following requirements must be met:

  • Student must be enrolled in the Academic Coaching program.
  • Teacher(s), parents, or the student state a concern regarding a student’s progress and learning.
  • Classroom teachers and the AEC teacher find a shared concern, and complete an intervention and action plan.
  • After a meeting with the parents, AEC teacher, AEC Coordinator, and Division H Director, a testing accommodation trial period of no more than a month may be implemented.
  • Although a complete psycho-educational assessment by a licensed psychologist is not required for the trial period, it will be recommended to parents when, after the month long trial period, documentation supports further testing.
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